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Engelsk 3 fredag

Uncategorised Posted on fre, november 01, 2019 09:44:12

Read the article in pairs about air pollution i kompendiet

Find 3 facts from the article

Ask 3 questions to the article

Do your wordbank:

pollution, fidgety, complaining, avoid, respiratory, pea-souper, vengeance, consistently, exposure, toxic, departments, clogged, wheezing, enforced, prone, flare-ups, researchers, spike, exacerbates, condition, requiring, treatment, support, decline, recommending, pneumonia, purifiers, impact.

Watch: Søg på mit cfu: En Tsunami af plastik:

Find 3 facts from the doc.

Make 5 keywords regarding the doc.

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Engelsk 3 mandag

Uncategorised Posted on fre, november 01, 2019 08:43:16

Watch Extreme world with Russel Kemp in India

Take notes on the key-points while you are watching the the documentary.

Søg på Ross Kemp i Indien, hvis linket ikke fungerer.

After the movie:

Write a letter (debatindlæg) to the editor of your local newspaper.

Present the issue of human trafficking in India.

Write your opinion on the subjekt.

Try to suggest a solution to the problem-what can be done?

Share your assignment with me

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