What happened in the church in Charlestown? 

Explain the term White Supremacy 

Who attended the Citadel School?  

Explain what the KKK is fighting for? 

What are The Black Liberation movement fighting for? 

How is the KKK showing their believes? 

What happened at the pool party? 

What happened in the case in Dallas with the schizophrenic son? 

Tell about LA the Barber – what does he say? 

What does LA the Barber tell about having weapons in his car? 

What happened in the officer Michael Slager Case where Walter Scott was shot? 

What do you think of Officer Michael Slager was bailed out of jail? 

What do you think will happened under Michael Slagers trial? Will he be convicted? 

Explain the term Reverse Racism 

What is #blacklivesmatter? 

It is 9 times more likely to get killed if you are a person of colour – Why? And what do you think of that? 

There are 300 mio firearms in the US – what do you think of that? 

The Gun Club members are demonstrating armed. What do you think of that? 

The guy in the car – What does he say about bad cops? 

What is Institutional Racism? 

What happened in the Eric garner case? 

In the Eric Garner case, no cop was indicted. What do you think of that?